Our company culture is based on the belief that things don’t have to be like they’ve always been. And while we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we are very serious about customer service. So much so, our tag line is: Raising the Bar for Customer Service.
We focus on what is really needed to successfully partner with an agent to assure their success. That is, client-centric marketing, a comprehensive proprietary platform, automated systems, multifaceted training and support, in-house mentoring, and an “exuberant” culture. That culture is perhaps best encapsulated by Luke, our happy-go-lucky furry friend, companion and mascot who sits in the front yards of our listings and pops up elsewhere now and then!

Everything at NextHome Hahn Kiefer is designed to make all things easier for today’s busy agent, including our affordable, flexible and all-inclusive fee structure. We want you to be free to focus your efforts on customer service and growing your customer base.

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