At NextHome Han Kiefer, we keep our fees low, simple and flexible. The franchise fee is accommodating and is charged as a flat per-month charge or on a per transaction basis. You can change the way the fee is paid every six months. Why change plans you ask? One common reason is seasonal. During the slower winter season, our agents can choose the percentage option. Then when the spring market arrives, agents can switch to the flat rate option. And for our brand-new agents, the percentage option allows them to build their businesses without the monthly fee until they sell their first home.

There are no desk fees, no broker review fees, no website fees, no technology fee, no office fee, no assistant fee, no E&O fee, and no copier, supplies or any other fees. Period.  And no fee when you join us.  Remember that in our business, the important thing isn’t how much you make but how much you keep.

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