Our industry is changing almost every day.  Our agents stay ahead of new technologies, consumer trends, transactional shifts and more through progressive products and training provided by NextHome and hands-on mentoring.  Choose the way you learn best: webinars, seminars, live events, small groups, pod casts, and we even have some videos if you want to go old school!  We used to have weekly staff meetings but decided that was just too old school, even for Evansville.  We have meetings only when we really need them.  (Pretty radical, eh?  We think even Richard Branson would approve.)


Sometimes, you are the customer.  So, NextHome corporate offers a full-time support staff that is highly trained and focused on responding promptly and accurately to your questions.  And you can always ask your managing broker!  She’s not always right but she’s never in doubt.  Just kidding.  She is actually very willing to admit when she doesn’t have the answer, and she will move heaven and earth to find it for you.


Leads are generated from a variety of sources that we provide to you a shared slice of Zillow and; your personal website, NextHome’s Mobile Connect app, and a Reach 150 profile – all with no referral fees.  We are constantly investigating other lead sources for quality leads, not quantity or time-consuming leads.

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